Ensuring Safety at the Wheel


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Ensuring Safety at the Wheel

The car service industry although heavily regulated in London leaves other parts of the country out in the cold. The sad reality is that there are some operators, and drivers, who should not be in business. The good news is that there are reputable companies, just like us, that take the time to perform background checks on their staff and invest time and money in training chauffeurs.

Whatever your chauffeured transportation requirement safety should be your primary consideration and we want you to know that it’s ours too. We have compiled a list of key points that we communicate down to our driver force.

It is critical when carrying passengers that driving standards are elevated to reduce the risk of injury or incident, you need to be driving at an advanced level of awareness compared to other road users. To that end we have compiled the big 5 below;

  1. Aim High – Look further ahead and plan accordingly
  2. The Bigger Picture – Look and take in the surroundings
  3. Keep Your Eyes Moving – Maintain focus and think of possible scenarios
  4. Leave Yourself An Out – Maintain better positioning in traffic
  5. Make Sure They See You – Making your vehicle more visible to others

These basic principles of being aware of your surroundings and thinking ahead dramatically cuts down on road traffic incidents.

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